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Muscat, Wadi Bani Khalid, Wahiba Sands (North to South), Top Ssecret Lagoon, Sugar Dunes, Ras Madraka, Muscat Tour


7 days / 6 Nights

Day 1
Muscat – Wadi Bani Khalid – Wahiba Sands Camp No 1
From Muscat we will first drive to Wadi Bani Khalid for a relaxing few hours bathing in the pools and catching some sunshine while reflecting on the Adventure to come. Wadi Bani Khalid is one of Oman’s most popular Tourist spots so best to avoid it at weekends if possible. After drying off we will have lunch in a restaurant in the nearby village and then we will drive to the Wahiba Sands and set up a wild camp in time enough to ensure we can climb a dune to watch the setting Sun. And then perhaps a few cold drinks around a camp fire while diner is cooking. This is Wild Camping, nothing to disturb you, no phone calls no emails just the “sounds of silence”.

Day 2
Wahiba Sands Camp No 1 –optional Camel ride –Wahiba Sands Camp No 2
Next morning after Breakfast we strike camp before we head into the desert it is possible to enjoy a camel ride or even take a short flight in a paramotor be sure to tell your guide the evening before so that he can book these activities We now head into the wilds of the Wahiba sands and drive across the desert. In the direction North-South it is relatively easy going so long as the tyre pressures are correct but at the Southern end it gets more tricky so we must all be prepared to get out the sand boards and the Kinetic ropes and push and pull the cars if we get one stuck . What matters here is Team Work. As we emerge from the Desert the views are simply awesome, as you look down the sand dunes and across the Indian Ocean glittering in the Sunlight. We will make camp somewhere here. It is truly magnificent and if you would like to descend the dunes for a swim in the sea just ask your guide.

Day 3
Wahiba Sands Camp No 2 – Top Secret Lagoon
After Breakfast we will head south along the coast. The drive along the coast with the Sand Dunes to the right of you and the Indian Ocean to your left is truly Magical and at some places the sand Dunes extend straight out to the sea. If the tide is out we will leave the main Highway and drive along the beach. Now after lunch at a local restaurant you will be asked if anyone has a GPS or a smart phone able to record GPS points, you will be asked to ensure they are switched of We are now going to drive across salt flats to an absolutely stunning Lagoon with lots of flamingos enjoying almost total solitude. This Top Secret place is not on any tourist routes so let’s keep it that way. The place is of such exceptional beauty that will camp here for two nights.

Day 4
Top Secret Lagoon
If you have ever camped at a more beautiful place anywhere in the world please let your guide know our scouts will check it out .Seriously!!!

Day 5
Top Secret Lagoon – Sugar Dunes
Today we have to leave this little bit of paradise behind and head back across the salt flats and drive to the Sugar Dunes. The Sugar Dunes are of course named so, as the sand is white and resembles white Sugar. We will spend one night camping on a beach with the Sugar Dunes as a back drop.

Day 6
Sugar Dunes – Ras Madraka
After breakfast we will drive further South past the new Industrial complex at Duqm and on to Ras Madraka where we will camp on a Majestic white sand beach surrounded by Black rocks.

Day 7
Return to Muscat
Today we have to head back to Muscat. Guests can either opt for the long drive back to Muscat or can fly back from Duqm airport a further option is available to stay at the very nice Crown Plaza hotel just south of Duqm for one or two nights before flying back to Muscat.

Tour Price’s

2 Persons

R.O. 1200/-

4 Persons

R.O. 1400/-

3 Persons

R.O. 1310/-

* Includes all Food & Camping Gear, 4WD Car & Diver/Guide.




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